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Model Girl 1

, ●and avoid if you can the perils that bese●t you.” Until 10 o’clock the next day ■these men remained with Quantrell. He talk●ed with them very freely of the past, but neve●r of the earlier life in Kansas. Many246■ messages were sent to absent friends, and muc●h good advice was given touc■hing the surrender of the remnant of th●e band. Again and again he returned to the ea●rlier struggles in Missouri and■ dwelt long ove

  • ●ng as of old. He listened until they h
  • ad done ta●lking, with the old staid courte
  • sy of vic■torious Guerrilla days, and then he sil
  • e■nced them with an answer which, f
  • rom i●ts resoluteness, they knew to be unalterable.

Model Girl 2

r the recollections and the r●eminiscences of the first two ●years of Guerrilla warfare. Fina■lly the parting came, and those ●who looked last upon Quantrell’s f■ace that morning as they stoope■d to tell him goodbye, looked their last ■upon it forever. Terrill

  • cannot live. I have run a long tim●e; I have come
  • out unhurt from many des■perate places
  • ; I have fought to k●ill and I have killed; I r
  • egret nothing. Th●e end is close
  • at hand. I am resting e■asy here and will die so. Y
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had pro■mised Quantrell positively that he sho●uld not be removed from Wakefiel●d’s house, but in three days he had either fo●rgotten his promise or had delibera■tely broken his p

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